Ballyhack to Hook Head (East)   Section 29a

The east and west shores of Waterford Estuary from Ballyhack / Passage East to the estuary mouth are described separately.


Ballyhack village is a small fishing village, eight miles north of Hook Head lighthouse and directly across from Passage East, with an impressive castle and coastal path to Arthurstown. 

Ballyhack harbour offers complete protection with up to 1.5m HWS and -1.2 m LWS.  Outside the north / south walls offer an extra 1m but all dry out at low water.   The south harbour wall is flanked by a slip, which needs to be given 2m clearance on approach.  South of the harbour, there is a commercial slipway for the ferry and further south another private pier and slip, neither of which  are available for craft. There are also moorings north of the harbour.    The village, which is a ferry point for the Passage East Car Ferry, also has a pub, shop and Carroll’s Boatyard Tel: + 353 (0)51 389164 A number of charter boats operate fishing and boat trips in the area. 

Follow the navigation channel markers and there is clear access to Ballyhack harbour at 52° 14.715' N, 006° 58.163' W.  Be aware of the Passage East Car Ferry which operates from Passage East to Ballyhack, sunrise to sunset.

Ballyhack Castle was built c. 1450 by the Knights Hospitallers of St. John, a military order founded at the beginning of the 12th Century at the time of the Crusades.  The castle was used as a holding centre for prisoners awaiting transportation to the colonies and now houses displays in the dungeon, murder hole, effigies and oratory with a Sheela na Gig visible on the exterior.  Seasonal opening times:  June-August.


Arthurstown village, South of Ballyhack, has good road access, a pleasant beach, pub and there is a coastal walk to Ballyhack.

iArthurstown has a small quay with a mud bottom, which dries out beyond the pier head: LWS draught -1.1m (-3.61 ft).  The quay is very exposed and can become awash in southerly conditions.  Be aware of the fishing vessels, which use the pier.  Follow the navigation channel markers until the Spider (octahedral marker) is visible, Arthurstown harbour is 100m port of the main channel: 52° 14.407' N, 006° 57.226' W