Waterford Estuary   Section 29c:

Waterford Estuary is bordered by a rich heritage of lighthouses, forts, fishing ports and beaches.  Waterford Estuary leads to the Three Sister Rivers: the Barrow, Nore and Suir.  The estuary is bordered with rich heritage and it is well worth visiting some of the harbours en route.

To enter the estuary from seaward, the initial fix waypoint for a final approach to the marked channel: 52 10.740' N, 006 56.320' W, east of Creadan Head.  A potential race can develop where the estuary tide meets the sea in rough conditions: a very short chop with dark green to seaward and light green / pale blue shore side.  The chop is shorter on an ebb tide and longer / easier on a flood tide.  In extreme conditions, the ebb tide is best avoided, until it turns. Once Hook Head lighthouse has been identified, check the chart for the location of the race: Fl 3s 46m 24M position: 52 07.300N, 006 55.700W


Tide estimates

HW Cobh +0021.  There are strong tides of up to 3-4 knots inside the estuary following the channels.

Outside Waterford Harbour:

>West going stream -0100 Dover or +0450 Cobh

>East going stream +0515 Dover or -0120 Cobh

Inside Waterford Harbour:

>Flood begins at +0210 Dover (-0425 Cobh)

>Ebb tide begins at -0505 Dover (+0045 Cobh)



Admiralty Chart 2046 has details of the following areas:

>Waterford Harbour (1:25,000)

>Waterford Port (1:7,500), Dunmore East Harbour (1:5,000)

>Cheekpoint to New Ross (1:25,000), New Ross (1:10,000)



>Port of Waterford Harbour Master: VHF ch16 & 14
   Tel: + 353 (0)51 74499, Mobile + 353 (0)87 7931705

>Dunmore East Harbour Master: + 353 (0)51 383166

>New Ross Harbour Master: + 353 (0)51 421303

>Kilmore Quay Harbour Master: Tel: +353 (0)53 9129955

   E-mail: hmkilmorequay@eircom.net or VHF Ch 9