Portlaw to Carrick On Suir                       



Opposite Pollrone on the west bank, the Clodiagh River runs through Portlaw town and enters the river Suir.  Deliveries to the tannery in Portlaw would have been on the tide, branching off into the canalised stretch below the town and floating up to the mills/tannery.   The town was designed from the outset with an industrial purpose and many of the heritage buildings survive today. 

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The navigation channel is clear up to the sand shoal east of Fiddown, marked with buoys. Keep close to the south west bank and sharp turn to pass north east of the island. Be aware that the shoal is covered most tides and the clear channel is close to the south west bank. Fiddown bridge is a fixed bridge with air draught of 3m at MHWS. There is a quay for oil carrying ships below the bridge, but there is security fencing protecting the oil storage and with no access to the town. Note the buoyage stops at this point and there is no commerical traffic upstream from Fiddown.  Use the middle arch with a light when passing under the bridge.  North of the bridge is a boat slip and there are two anchorages.  Fiddown has shops, pubs and a service station.  It is also possible to navigate the Pill River just above Fiddown into Piltown with suitable tides.

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