Silver-washed fritillary Argynnis paphia

Wing colour orange with brown spots and bands.  Found in woodland. 

June - August


Small tortoiseshell Nymphalis urticae Wing colour orange / red with yellow and black bands along leading edge.  Found in gardens and wasteland.  March - October


Red Admiral Vanessa atalanta

Wing colour black with orange / red bands and white spots. Found in gardens and wasteland. 

July - August. 


Peacock Inachis io

Wing colour maroon with multicoloured eye markings on the wings.  Found in gardens and wasteland. 

July - September. 



Large White Pieris brassicae

Wing colour white with black tip  to the forewing.  Female also has two spots on forewing.   Common in gardens. 

May - September.



Small Heath Coenonympha pamphilus

Forewing orange with brown edge and one black eyespot with one white centre.  Hind wing beige-brown pattern.   Common in meadows. 

March - October.


Common Blue Polyommatus icarus

Upperside light blue, underside light brown with a row of orange spots and black white-ringed dots.   Common.

May - October.


Speckled Wood Pararge aegeria

Wing brown with pale yellow spots, forewing with one eyespot, hind wing with three. Found near open deciduous woodland. 

March - October.


Green-veined White Pieris napi

Wing colour white with black tip  to the forewing and underside of wings dusted.  Common. 

March - October.